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Here's my work buddy, Ruby.  She's a 7 year old Black Lab.  UPDATE:  Ruby was diagnosed with 

Mast Cell Cancer during the spring of '03.  She passed away in October 2003.  I miss her more & more each day!

ruby01.JPG (143056 bytes)   

Here's O.B., a lab-mix, on the day my wife and I picked him up from the Outer Banks Humane Shelter

in Nags Head, NC.  Lucky little dude...he was headed for the scrap heap!  UPDATE:  O.B. was diagnosed just after

Thanksgiving 2005 with an aggressive bone cancer in his left front femur.  Amputation was not an option due to

the extreme hip dysplasia he's been living with.  After about a month of pain management, we put him down

on December 27th, 2005.  Bye O.B., mom & dad miss you!

OB.jpg (119124 bytes)    


My weekend's were busy during the summer with RISKY BUSINESS!  I was involved in

professional mud racing from 1987 to 1994.  This is Risky Business, version #1:  It was equipped

with a 427 L-88 GM Crate Motor, TH350 A/T, 14-bolt 1-ton rear axle (welded spiders), 4.56:1 gears,

fuel cell, pulling-style headers, and a NOS Nitrous Oxide plate-style kit.  Horsepower on full spray was

around 600 HP.  In 1988, nothing could touch this truck.  I won almost every race entered.

OldRiskyPic.jpg (173292 bytes)   

Here's the final version (#3) of Risky Business.  Built around a chrome moly tube chassis, and a '27 Chevy

roadster body made of fiberglass (10 lbs.) with a total weight of 2,200 pounds, this buggy would shit & git!

Still the track record holder at several VT mud racing tracks, it would cover 200 feet (standing start) in about 2.6 seconds!


638 CID Big Block Chevy, Blown & alcohol injected

Lenco, High-gear only transmission with reverser

Crower triple-disc slipper clutch, Lakewood blow-proof bellhousing

Profab 4-wheel drive transfer case with quick change gear sets

Ford 9" rear housing filled with Strange gear, spool, 40 spline axles

Fuel cell, 5-way Simpson harness, MSD ignition, Crower valvetrain

BRC 4340 crank, C&A aluminum rods, Wiseco pistons, Dart heads

MRT carbon fiber wheels, Goodyear 36" Bigger Digger tires

Risky3.jpg (140633 bytes)

Misc. pictures of Risky Business versons 1,2 & 3:




Here's another passion of mine...flying!  I found a flying partner to purchase this

1979 Cessna 182 with back in the fall of '02.  Below are a few pictures:

N96612-01.JPG (377908 bytes)   N96612-03.JPG (372057 bytes)   Cessna sunset.JPG (332873 bytes)

During the summer of 2004, I re-discovered my love for Radio Control airplanes!  

A couple of new friends are top notch pilots, and renewed the bug to get back into

flying R/C after a 21-year hiatus!  I tried to resurrect an old Cessna Cardinal plane

equipped with a Fox .40 2-cycle and Futaba radio gear.  After the engine finally ran smoothly,

my friend Mike flew it for me.  It was obvious that new gear was in order, so I purchased

a Hangar 9 Alpha 60 RTF Trainer.  I've been taking lessons and will be progressing my skills

to the point of being able to fly this new Hangar 9 FuntanaS 90 3D ARF.  Pictures of the assembly

are below.  Enjoy!

funtana01.JPG (350839 bytes)  funtana02.JPG (359732 bytes)  funtana03.JPG (361370 bytes)  funtana04.JPG (381652 bytes)  funtana05.JPG (352248 bytes)  funtana06.JPG (373171 bytes)

funtana07.JPG (373455 bytes)  funtana08.JPG (374500 bytes)  funtana09.JPG (380807 bytes)  funtana10.JPG (375289 bytes)  funtana11.JPG (365885 bytes)  funtana12.JPG (368713 bytes)

funtana13.JPG (362186 bytes)  funtana14.JPG (371461 bytes)  funtana15.JPG (369803 bytes)  funtana16.JPG (378599 bytes)  funtana17.JPG (373855 bytes)  funtana18.JPG (367934 bytes)

funtana19.JPG (304370 bytes)  funtana20.JPG (286372 bytes)  funtana21.JPG (428632 bytes)  funtana22.JPG (410347 bytes)  funtana23.JPG (408815 bytes)  funtana24.JPG (404063 bytes)

funtana25.JPG (391994 bytes)  funtana26.JPG (427653 bytes)  funtana27.JPG (420082 bytes)  funtana28.JPG (349547 bytes)  funtana29.JPG (380356 bytes)  funtana30.JPG (390419 bytes)  funtana31.JPG (391125 bytes)